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What is Cheers

What if you want to impress your friends with eloquence, but after the first round all the words fly out of your head? Either eloquence fails, then the waiter distracts, then the authorities for some reason do not think that banging mugs of tea is normal, and they suspect you that there is not tea at all in the mug ... Meanwhile, toasts and wishes of health while drinking are an ancient tradition that came to us from time immemorial and has survived to this day. Only now, for its execution, it is not at all necessary to say a three-sheet toast to a mournful motive - you just need to choose the right gif and send it to the general chat. Most importantly, make sure that your boss or a strict soulmate does not sit in this chat.

You want to say: “Your health!”, But you don’t know how - GIFs with glasses are in a hurry to help. Celebrate something, and at the same time not get a migraine in the morning, you also need to look beautiful. Especially when there is a reason, but there is no day off and a suitable bar at hand. GIFs to your health will appeal to bar lovers and may well pass for a hint of the future, if you know what we mean. Tell your friends about your plans for the evening or design an original party invitation with the right GIF - and let the glasses clink in your honor.