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What is Celebrate

A celebration is not just a word, it is a real event, bright and cheerful. On a good holiday, you can dance until you collapse from fatigue, meet new people, laugh until colic and bathe in colorful confetti to cheerful music. Everyone loves parties. But what to do if there is a lockdown, everything is closed, and only the lonely ceiling of your own apartment is for fun? Make a holiday with your own hands, of course! Well, or at least look at other people's holidays ... It's sad, but a little bit of imagination solves the problem of loneliness: just imagine that all these cheerful, smart, crazy people from GIFs on the screen are right next to you right now!

Dreaming of an incendiary party? Or maybe you want to share your impressions of the last evening with your friends? Or maybe you are just in a great mood, and you want to dance on the nearest table right now? Use GIFs! Instead of a thousand words, one animated picture with Jim Carrey in a tutu - and people will immediately understand that your life is in full swing. Do not be afraid of fun, give fun to others so that the holiday comes to every home, even if a real party shines for you only in the distant, foggy future. The main thing is to create the right mood, and after it a reason will surely come.