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What is Applause

How do you say - I loved it, you looked great on stag - without saying a word and being far enough away from the stage? That's right, hands to help - and go ahead, clap so that the neighbors become deaf, and calluses appear on their hands. How to say: You were disgusting, but I had to live through it? Also applause. Quiet, demonstrative, especially audible in complete silence. Applause is the audience's way of communicating with the artist. In ancient Rome, there was even a special profession - a clapper from the hall - whose duties included, oddly enough, clapping in the right places.

Now, in the era of rampant online and remote work, it is simply impossible to thank the speaker with applause. Either the microphone malfunctions, or the headphones do not work, or the sound flies at once, and you all sit in a general chat like fish in an aquarium, sometimes opening your mouth sadly. That is why, if you do not have the opportunity to express your delight on your own, a selection of GIFs for every taste and intensity will help you: from a standing ovation to an insulting pat. Millions of people clapping - from celebrities to cartoons or even animated vegetables - it's even more enjoyable than a lone clapping on a microphone. Give your presenter the feeling of a cheering crowd with applause GIFs and have the world clap for your favorite.