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What is Angry

The driver doused you from head to toe with mud from a nearby puddle? Did the boss scold and call him useless, and even deprived him of the bonus? Broken heels on new shoes? Do you feel how a wave of hot, indomitable ... anger rises inside you just from what you read? Anger, anger, aggression are also emotions, absolutely, by the way, common to any living person. For some reason, it is not customary to flaunt them, it is considered bad form in decent society to admit that you are infuriated by cold food in a cafe, nasty rain on the street, the laughter of a colleague. We are taught to endure and suffer in silence. And very in vain, it is not useful, destructive and can lead to sad consequences.

We offer you a great way out of situations in which your inner Hulk asks to come out. GIFs. Different, funny, bright, emotionally filled, challenging GIFs will come to your aid when words are no longer enough and you want to fight. Is the head-banging emoji not enough to express all your emotions? Or are you not trying for yourself, but want to warn someone about the consequences? Choose from a set of GIFs the one that describes your situation in one scream. Psychologists advise never to ignore your own emotions, and we advise you to express them through our anger GIFs.