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What is Aesthetic Anime

Anime is love at first sight. Oh, how wrong are those who think that anime is cartoons for children. We put a hundred on the fact that they simply did not see anything but Pokemon and Sailor Moon. Anime is not for children, anime is for everyone, the main thing is not to forget to look at the age rating. And keep children away from Evangelion, it has too many meanings and cruelty. So what exactly is anime aesthetic? These are clear lines, expressive means, bright, memorable images of characters. These are touching collarbones and pink knuckles on thin fingers, big eyes in which madness or passion sparkles, sakura petals flying through the air. It's about feeling, not about showing.

GIFs with anime aesthetics are best saved in a separate folder, and then used to create something of your own, beautiful and memorable. Or send to connoisseurs when you want to convey not a separate emotion, but the mood as a whole. Well, and giggle. You can also giggle, it's great when you have someone to giggle with at your favorite anime joke or funny character. The anime aesthetic is when you are understood and accepted. When you are yours. Send a GIF with anime aesthetics to a friend, and here is a ready-made psychological test for you - by his reaction, you will immediately understand whether you are really on the way with this person.