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How to learn to think

It's hard to think, sometimes we don't want it, sometimes we get distracted, and sometimes it just isn't necessary. We all think - for us it is absolutely natural. The question, however, is how to learn to think better. Yes, it will take time, you will have to constantly practice, and there is no limit to perfection at all, but isn't it amazing? A sharp mind and ability to think will be very useful to you! There are always a lot of thoughts in the head, but not all of them are needed by a person. Excessive thoughts not only distract from the right thoughts, but can also cause significant harm.

Thinking is an invaluable gift that evolution gave to man. But not everyone has learned to use it. Self-development, training your brain is the task of every self-respecting person, because if in the past millennium social status could be conquered by force, becoming one of the greatest warriors, today, in order to achieve success, it is necessary to have specific knowledge and skills. In some areas, you can only succeed by thinking differently from your colleagues. For example, to be a successful scientist, it is not enough just to come to the right conclusions. Your ideas should also be original. You cannot publish a scientific work consisting of well-known facts. You have to tell people something that they themselves haven't thought of yet.