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What is Tanjiro

Tanjiro Kamado is a popular character from the Demon Slayer anime. A short young man with dark expressive eyes and blood-burgundy hair fell in love with viewers all over the world not only for his unusual, but very attractive appearance, but also for his strong character, which shows stubbornness in achieving the goal - saving his sister and the desire to avenge his family. He draws strength from past tragedies, besides, his high intelligence, excellent sense of smell and the desire to achieve his goal at any cost help him defeat the demons.

The character of Tanjiro Kamado is well recognizable. He has rough hands and a hard forehead with the Demon Slayer Mark, a scar-like red birthmark. Killing demons, Tanjiro does not feel any pity or pangs of conscience, although he is affectionate and kind with others. He hates cowardice, but at the same time always stands up for the weak. This makes it even more likable for viewers who are anime fans. Tanjiro Kamado has long been a popular meme hero. This character is known even to those who are very far from Japanese animation. Frames of their anime with his participation can be viewed endlessly. A selection of GIFs from Tanjiro, collected on our website, will help you with this. They can be downloaded to mobile gadgets and PCs.