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What is Spanking

Spanking is an element of an intimate game. Adherents of the BDSM sexual subculture and other BDSM lovers include it in their script. Public spanking excites people of both sexes. They like not only to watch corporal punishment, but also to participate in it, that is, to enjoy pain and humiliation. Spanking as part of an intimate game does not involve serious suffering. In most cases, corporal punishment has staged motives, for example, a strict mistress punishes a recalcitrant slave, or vice versa, a disobedient servant gets from an imperious master.

In erotic games, various types of influences are practiced - from imitation of spanking to quite tangible blows with a whip, cane, flogger and other devices. Their goal is to obtain mutual pleasure in the process of performance. The fact is that spanking or, as it is also called in BDSM circles, flagellation causes strong sensations not only on the physical, but also on the psychological level, up to a powerful discharge. Formal spanking (in words) can be without sexual overtones, for example - as a punishment for any unseemly act. She, of course, can only be threatened, and only to those who understand the figurative meaning and do not take it literally at their own expense. This can be done as correctly as possible - send the original GIF, which demonstrates this action. You will find a large selection of thematic GIFs on our website, where you can download them to your PC and any mobile gadget.