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What is Screaming

Crying is a violent, excessive reaction of the body to stress. Like sweating, only louder and odorless. It is believed that most often a person screams in fear - it seems like a sharp negative emotion, a person gets scared and yells, subconsciously hoping that they will find him by the sound and save him (Spoiler: no. No one will go where they scream terribly. The maximum will call the police). But in fact, much more often people scream not at all from fear, but from ... stormy, overwhelming delight. Yes, yes, when too much good is also bad. Some scientists even tried to tie such a reaction to the fact that the body also recognizes a strong delight as a danger, but this is nonsense.

Screaming gifs - they scream, they tear their vocal cords out of fear, delight or grief, they are very loud, and their mouth is open so wide that you can see the tonsils. Choose any GIF you like and that best describes how you feel and add it to your conversations with your friends and general chats. No matter what you are going to shout at - shout so that you can be heard, even if the interlocutor is very far away. And if you are suddenly fond of creativity, download gifs to your computer - there are legends that they make very good edits for social networks.