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What is Monday

Good morning, a cup of aromatic coffee, smiles of your loved ones... And all this is not about Monday. On Monday, the body, which has hardly come off the pillow, moves towards work, barely moving its legs. Nobody likes Mondays. Even those who claim the opposite still do not love, they just pretend better than others. And how can you really love them? If the fun is gone, but the fume is not, if the children accuse you of heartlessness and dislike, while you drag them out of bed by the leg, if the boss yells into the phone that it’s already noon, and you are still not at work .... All this just because Monday suddenly came. Thank him very much.

But even in the most difficult and desperate situation, there is a way out. Laugh. This superhero can get both Monday back to normal and your face out of a cup of coffee in the morning. A good laugh is generally priceless, and a good laugh is also good for health. Laughter on Monday helps to live. To cheer yourself up in the morning, use our cool selection of gifs about Monday. Start the week with a positive, morning with coffee, and an unpleasant day with funny GIFs - and maybe everything will not be so bad? And you can also send GIFs directly from the site to friends, acquaintances, and even an evil boss - everyone loves GIFs, as well as having a good laugh on Monday.