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What is Happy Valentines Day

Valentine's Day is the holiday of all lovers. It is traditionally celebrated on February 14th. It began to be celebrated quite recently and the attitude towards it is still ambiguous, from open ignorance to impatient waiting. Loving couples celebrate Valentine's Day. They use it as an extra reason to once again confess their love to their soulmate. On Valentine's Day, lovers give each other flowers, sweets and gifts, arrange pleasant surprises, order delicious dinners for two, or prefer a different cultural program, for example, a romantic by candlelight. An obligatory attribute of Valentine's Day are the so-called valentines - miniature cards in the form of hearts, which are exchanged by lovers as a sign of pure and sincere love. Despite the rapid development of modern technology, they are still sent by mail. In some cities, mailboxes are even set up specifically for these purposes for those who want to anonymously or not declare their love.

The main celebration of Valentine's Day falls on the evening, because it is not marked with a red number on the calendar, that is, it is a regular working day. But you can be sure that your significant other is waiting for your attention during the day as well. You can congratulate her with an SMS with romantic content and supplement it with an original gif. You will find a large selection of them on our website. We have collected a lot of gifs dedicated to Valentine's Day. They can be downloaded without registration at any time.